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Rabi ul Awwal Naat Sharif 2023 | Ambiya Ka Imam Aa Gaya | Zaid Aftab | Islamic Releases | Beautiful Naat Sharif 2023

Presenting a heart touching Rabi ul Awwal naat “AMBIYA KA IMAM AA GAYA”, which is in Urdu language with English & Urdu Subtitles, which is written by “HAFIZ ZAINULABADEEN ZAINI” and recited by “HAFIZ ZAID AFTAB” with his beautiful voice.
Video Credits:
Title : Ambiya Ka Imam Aa Gaya
Artist : Hafiz Zaid Aftab
Lyrics : Hafiz Zainulabadeen Zaini
Production & Label : Islamic Releases
English & Urdu Lyrics:
بن کے کُل انبیاء کا امام آگیا
He came as the leader of all the prophets
بزم ہستی میں خیرالانام آگیا
In the sea of humanity, He came as the most honorable man
درد دُکھیوں کے سب دور ہونے لگے
The woes of the people began to recede
پھول کلیوں پہ بھی ابتسام آگیا
Even the flowers and buds began to smile
تھا بہت منتظر جن کا سارا جہاں
For whom the whole universe had been waiting
آخری لے کے رب کا پیام آگیا
At last, He came with the message of the Lord
دور رنج و الم ہو گئے باخدا
Pain and trials went far way
میرے ہونٹوں پہ جب اُنکا نام آگیا
Whenever I uttered His name with my lips
کاش روزے پہ جا کر یہ زینی کہے
If only could Zaini visit His tomb and say
تیرے در پہ یہ تیرا غلام آگیا
Your slave has come at your doorstep

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