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Listen this Heart Touching NAAT in Ramzan, DAMAN MERE SARKAR KA, Rubaid Kasmani, Islamic Releases

Presenting a beautiful heart touching NAAT in this Ramadan “DAMAN MERE SARKAR KA”, the nasheed is in Urdu language with English & Urdu Subtitles which is written by “MAJEED AKHTAR” and recited by “MUHAMMAD RUBAID KASMANI” with his soft and cool voice.

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Video Credits:
Title : Daman Mere Sarkar Ka
Vocalists : Muhammad Rubaid Kasmani
Written By : Majeed Akhtar
Audio : T.S.D
Video & Label : Islamic Releases

Urdu & English Lyrics:
دامن میرے سرکار کا لہراۓ ذرا سا
If the garment of my Master (SAW) should sway a little

اک سایہِ رحمت مجھے مل جاۓ ذرا سا
Its shade would become a blessing for me

پھر بام و درد عشق درودوں سے سجاؤں
I would fill my house with His praises

دل شوق کے عالم میں مچل جاۓ ذرا سا
My heart would rejoice in His love

نعلینِ نبی پاکؐ کے تلووں کا تبرّک
If only a little dust from the soles of the Blessed Sandals

جبریل جبیں پرمیری مَل جاۓ ذرا سا
Would Gabriel (AS) come and spread across my forehead

سرکار کے دربارِ شفاعت سے یوں گزروں
Would I pass in front of the healing abode of the Master (SAW)

ہر بوجھ گناہوں کا نظر آۓ ذراسا
My heavy sins would seem to be so little

دل عشق محمدؐ میں تڑپتا رہےیارب
May the love of Muhammad (SAW) afflict my heart

ہو وقتِ حضوری تو سنبھل جاۓ ذراسا
But calm down a little in the presence of the Master (SAW)

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