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Part-2 | Peaceful Relaxing Nasheed 2021 | NAAT-E-MUSTAFA ﷺ | Kaleem Waris | Islamic Releases

Presenting a Part-2 Naat E Rasool (S.A.W) of “NAAT-E-MUSTAFA” in Urdu language with Urdu & English Subtitles, which is written by “Azizullah Ghalib” and recited by “Kaleem Waris” with his soft voice.

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Video Credits:
Title : NAAT E MUSTAFA ﷺ Part-2
Vocalist : Kaleem Waris
Written By : Azizullah Ghalib
Audio : Fs Studio
English Translation : Rubeena Manzoor
Video Produced & Label : Islamic Releases

Urdu & English Lyrics:

وہ ہے خیر البشر وہ ہے خیر الوریٰ
He is the best of mankind; an epithet.
وہ ہے شمس الضحیٰ وہ ہے بدر الدجیٰ
He is the Sun of Al-Duha, he is the Moon of Al-Dujah.
پاک ہر عیب سے وہ ہے نور الہدیٰ
He is pure from every defect, he is the light of guidance.
ان کے آنے سے دنیا ہوئی خوشنما
The world has become happier due to his arrival.
وہ شگفتہ بشر وہ حسین مہ جبین
That politeness, that beauty, that shinning bright forehead;
سیّد الانبیاء خاتم المرسلین
The leaders of the Prophets, the seal of the messengers.

ان سا کوئی نہ تھا ان سا کوئی نہیں
There was no one like him and there is no one like him.
اُن کی عظمت پہ قرآن شاہد ہوا
The Qur’an bears witness to his greatness.
ان کی مدحت میں یوں زندگی ہوبسر
Let ourselves be regularly engage in praising him.
نغمۂ مصطفیٰ گونجے شام وسَحرَ
May MUSTAFA’S (P.B.U.H) praises echoes both in the evening and the morning.
جن کے نقش قدم سے ملی راہ گزر
His imitation leads us to success.
ذی قدر معتبر رہبر و رہنما
A very respected and a reliable leader.
سرور دوجہان وہ ہیں صادق امین
He is the master of both realms, the truthful and the trustworthy.
رب کے محبوب ہیں لاۓ دین مبین
The beloved of the Lord has brought the real religion.

مرتبے میں بلند اوّلین آخَرین
The highest in ranks, the first and the last one.
جانِ من جانِ جاں خاتم الانبیاء
My life, my whole world, the seal of the Prophets.
کوئی آیا نہیں مصطفیٰ کی طرح
No one like MUSTAFA (P.B.U.H) came.
کوئی دیکھا نہیں مجتبیٰ کی طرح
No one has been seen like MUJTABA (P.B.U.H).
کوئی آیا نہیں مرتضیٰ کی طرح
No one like MURTAZA (P.B.U.H) came.
ان کی عظمت میں غالب لکھوں گا سدا
Ghalib! I will always write about his greatness.

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