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Beautiful Nasheed, MERE SAHABA (R.A), Hafiz Umar Farooq Naqshbandi, New Manqabat, Islamic Releases

Presenting a beautiful Nasheed “MERE SAHABA (R.A)” in Urdu language with English & Urdu Subtitles, which is written by “Samee Ullah Sarim Abbasi” and Recited by “Hafiz Umar Farooq Naqshbandi” with his beautiful voice.

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Video Credits:
Title : Mere Sahaba (R.A)
Vocals: Hafiz Umar Farooq Naqshbandi
Written : Samee Ullah Sarim Abbasi
Audio : U F Productions
Mastering : FS Studio
Eng. Translation : Rubeena M.
Video Produced & Label : Islamic Releases

Urdu & English Lyrics:
یونہی تونھیں لکھا سردار صحابہؓ کو
Companions are written as Sardar (Leaders) for a reason.

ٹھہرایا رسالت نے معیار صحابہؓ کو
The PROPHET (S.A.W) set the standard for the Sahabah (R.A).

فرمانِ محمد اور قرآن میں دیکھا تو
If you look at the command of MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) and the Qur’an.

بتلایا گیا فائز ہر بار صحابہؓ کو
The success was announced to the Companions every time.

تاریخ کے پلٹے جب اوراق، ہوا ادراک
When the pages of history were turned, it was found out.

ہر دور نے مانا ہے سالار صحابہؓ کو
Every age has considered the Companions as their guide.

یُؤثِر کا ترانہ جب قرآن میں گونجا ہے
The hymn of Yuthir when it is sung in the Qur’an.

جچتا ہے یقینا پھر ایثار صحابہؓ کو
Of course, self-sacrifice suits the Companions.

نکلا جوکوئ بدبخت اسلام کوڈھانےپر
An unfortunate person who set out to destroy Islam.

ہر جا پہ کھڑا دیکھا کُہسار صحابہؓ کو
Everywhere he saw the Companions standing like mountains.

عنوان اٹھائیں گےمحفل میں صحابہؓ کا
We will raise the topic of the Companions in the gathering.

یوں اپنا بتائیں گے دلدار صحابہؓ کو
In this way we will tell about our love for the Companions.

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