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Emotional, Islamic Nasheed – Rabt (ربط) – Hafiz Fahad Shah, new naat sharif 2023, Islamic Releases

Presenting an emotional eman boosting Nasheed “RABT” in Urdu language with English & Urdu Subtitles, which is written by “HUD HUD ILAHABADI” and recited by “HAFIZ FAHAD SHAH” with his megical voice.

Video Credits:
Title : Rabt
Artist : Hafiz Fahad Shah
Lyrics : Hud Hud Ilahabadi
Audio : Abdullah Shah
Mix & Master : Fs Studio
Production & Label : Islamic Releases

English & Urdu Lyrics:
یہ جو تم ربط بڑھاتے ہو غیر محرم سے
These relations that you build with forbidden ones

اپنے دامن کو چھڑاتے ہو نبیؐ کے غم سے
You wean yourself away from the Prophet (PBUH)

خواہشِ جنس مخالف میں زندگی گزری
Your life was spent in desires of the opposite sex

چاہتے بھی ہو شفاعت شفیعِ اعظم سے
And yet you want to be healed

قبر و محشر کے مراحل کو بھول کر جینا
To live without remembering the grave and Hereafter

کیا یہی درس ملا تھا نبیِؐ اکرم سے
Is this the lesson that the greatest Prophet (PBUH) gave?

کبھی تو سن یہ وَلَا تَقرَبُوالزِّنَا کی صدا
Take time to listen to the call of ‘Do not go near adultery’

دیکھو قرآن مخاطب ہے آج بھی تم سے
This is what the Quran tells us even today

موت کو سامنے رکھ کر جو کر چکے توبہ
Those who repented seeing death before them

نفس و شیطاں سے وہ آزاد ہوئے یکدم سے
Were freed instantly from the devil and self

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