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New Rabi ul Awal Naat 2022 | Roshni Roshni Har Fiza Ho Gai | Shair Muhammad Burhan- Islamic Releases

Presenting a heart touching NAAT E RASOOL ﷺ Rabi ul Awal 2022 “ROSHNI ROSHNI HAR FIZA HO GAI” in Urdu language with English & Urdu Subtitles, which is written by “SYED RASHID ARIF” and recited by “SHAIR MUHAMMAD BURHAN” with his magical voice.
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Video Credits:
Title : Roshni Roshni Har Fiza Ho Gai
Artists : Shair Muhammad Burhan
Lyrics : Syed Rashid Arif
Audio : Fs Studio
Production & Label : Islamic Releases
English & Urdu Lyrics:
روشنی روشنی ہر فضا ہو گیٔ
There is light everywhere
رنگتِ شہر جاں کیا سے کیا ہوگیٔ
How the look of my beloved city has changed
وہﷺ یتیمی کی چادر تھا اوڑھے ہوۓ
He (PBUH) was shrouded in a cloth of orphanhood
جس کی چھاؤں میں سب بے نوا آگۓ
But it became a sheltering shade for the helpless
اُس کے قدموں میں تھی خاک خورشید کی
Beneath His (PBUH) feet lay the dust of the sun
جس کے دامن میں سب انبیاءؑ آگۓ
And He (PBUH) encompassed every prophet before him
کتنے موسیٰؑ کے ہاتھوں میں آیا عصاء
How many hands did Moosa’s (AS) staff exchange
کتنے عیسیٰؑ کو دستِ شفاء مل گیا
How many were healed at Isa’s (AS) hands
ٹوٹ کر رہ گیا کِزب کا دیوتا
The idol falsehood was crushed
بے خداؤں کو آخر خُدا مِل گیا
The godless people found their Creator
اُس کی چوکھٹ پہ رکھ دوں میں سر اس طرح
I want to rest my head at his doorstep
کویٔی جوتی ہو دہلیز پر جس طرح
Just like his shoes rest themselves in that place

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