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Motivational & Inspirational Nasheed 2022, Khuwab-E-Ghaflat, Shair Muhammad Burhan, Islamic Releases

Presenting an inspirational and motivational nasheed for Youth “GHUWAB E GHAFLAT” in Urdu language with Urdu & English Subtitles, this kalaam is originally written by “QARI AHSAN MOHSIN” but It’s really surprising to see how social media is helpful in promoting incorrect information and people accepting prevailing opinions. This eye opener poem was written by Qari Ahsan Mohsin. This poem is falsely linked to Dr Mohammad Iqbal.

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Video Credits:
Title : Khuwab E Ghaflat
Vocalist: Shair Muhammad Burhan
Lyrics : Qari Ahsan Mohsin
Audio : TSD
Video : Best Collection
Post \ Production \ Label : Islamic Releases
Special Thanks to Rizwan Soomro

Urdu & English Lyrics:
خوابِ غفلت میں سوئے ہوئے مومنو
، O Followers, you are in deep neglectful sleep
عیش وعشرت بڑھانے سے کیا فائدہ!
What is the use of increasing your comforts and luxuries?
اپنے رب کو جوانی میں بھولا ہے تو،
You have forgotten your Lord in your youth
اورطاقت كے بوتے پہ پھولا ہے تو
And have swollen in pride of your strength
جب جوانی ڈھلے گی تو پچھتائے گا،
You will regret when your youth fades
پھر یوں رونے رلانے سے کیا فائدہ!
Then what will be the use of crying?

تھا حکومت کا فرعون کو بھی نشہ ،
Even Firaun was intoxicated with power
ظلم پر ظلم خلقت پہ کرتا رہا!
He inflicted one cruelty after another on his people
جب سمندرمیں ڈوبا تو کہنے لگا،
But when he was drowning in the sea he said
اِس حکومت كے پانے سے کیا فائدہ!
What was the use of such a reign!

کتنا مشہور قصّہ ہے شَدَاد کا،
The incident of Shaddad is so well-known
روح جب اسکے تن سے نکالی گئی!
When his soul was removed from his body
مرتا مرتا بھی لوگوں سے کہتا گیا ،
Even as he was dying he told his people
ایسی جنّت بنانے سے کیا فائدہ!
What was the use of creating such a paradise!

مال داری میں مشہور قارون تھا ،
Qaroon was famous for his wealth
وہ مخالف تھا موسٰی و ہارون کا
He was against Moosa (AS) and Haroon (AS)
جب زمیں میں دھنسایا تو کہنے لگا،
When he was thrust into the ground he said
ایسے بے جاں خزانے سے کیا فائدہ!
What is the use of such lifeless wealth!

قابلِ ذکر قصّہ ہے نمرود کا،
Nimrod’s incident is worth mentioning
وہ بھی انکار کرتا تھا معبود کا!
He was also in denial of his Creator
اسکا مغز ایک مچھر نے کھا کر کہا،
A mosquito consumed his brain and said
یوں بڑھایٔی جتانے سے کیا فائدہ!
What was the use of such boasting!

اپنی شہرت پہ انسان ’یوں نا مچل،
Do not become so restless over your fame, o people
ایک دن آ دبوچیگی تجھ کو اَجَل!
One day, the hour of death will come upon you
روح کو صاف کر ‘نیک اعمال’ کر،
Cleanse your soul with good deeds
صرف ظاہر بنانے سے کیا فائدہ!
What is the use of working on the external?

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