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Heart Touching Naat | NAAT-E-MUSTAFA | Kaleem Waris | Lyrical Video | Islamic Releases

Presenting a new heart touching Naat E Rasool (S.A.W) “NAAT-E-MUSTAFA” in Urdu language with Urdu & English Subtitles, which is written by “Rafi” and recited by “Kaleem Waris” with his soft voice.

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Video Credits:
Vocalist : Kaleem Waris
Written By : Rafi
Audio : Fs Studio
Video Produced & Label : Islamic Releases
English Translation : Rubeena Manzoor

English Translation:
I was lost in my thoughts one day.
In my imagination, I humbly asked the ALLAH.
Who is dearest to you my Lord?
My ALLAH replied to me, “MUSTAFA” (S.A.W).
I asked Adam (A.S), “O, man of virtues!”
There is no one greater than you in this world.
He said, “The one with gleaming forehead is high above”
Whose name I read above the throne.
I asked Yusuf (A.S), “Dear Prophet”
Upon seeing you, people have cut off their fingers.
He said, “There are more beautiful people than me in this world.”
Whoever saw him, gave his soul.
I asked the Prophets: O Prophets!
What happened during Night of the “Ascension”?
All the prophets said, “By God.”
We became followers, He became the leader.
I asked Gabriel (A.S) to tell me this,
“Who is more closer to our Lord than you?”
He said, “My limit is Sidratul Muntaha.”(a place in heaven)
O Kaleem! MUSTAFA (S.A.W) has gone beyond that.

Copyright Notice:
All rights of the audio and video production is reserved for Islamic Releases. Hence, it’s not permissible to Copying, Re-Recording or Broadcasting without our permission. However, you may share this production in our platform or Social Media Platform.

Main tha ek din khayalon me khoya hua
Rab se meny tasawwur me ki iltija
Mustafa Mustafa

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