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Powerful Dua for Protection and more, Ayatul Kursi, Islamic Releases

Presenting Dua for your protection “Ayatul Kursi” with English subtitles, recited by Sohaib Al Bakistani with his beautiful voice.

Reciter : Sohaib Al Bakistani
Label : Islamic Releases

Ayatul Kursi Benefits:
Surely, the Surah which is the leader of Quran and that is full of benefits is Surah Al-Baqarah. Some benefits of greatest Ayat-ul-Kursi are as follows:
1- For Protection: Recitation of this verse in the morning will keep you under the protection of Allah till night. Also, recitation of this verse will keep your family as well as wealth safe from Satan.
2- For Weak Memory: The recitation of this verse is very advantageous if you have a weak memory. To increase your memory, do recite this leading verse.
3- For Loved One Who Died: Recite this verse for your loved ones who have died. It will be a source of light for them in the dark graves.
4- For Pain of Death: To keep you safe from the pain of death, you must recite this powerful verse regularly. Its recitation will ease the pain of death and will make your death easy.
5- When Leaving Home: Always recite this verse when you are leaving for outside. Its recitation will keep you under the protection of angels.
6- Before Going to Bed: The person who recite Ayatul Kursi when you go to bed to be under the protection of Allah when you are sleeping. And one who recite this verse before sleeping Allah will protect not only him/her, but also his neighbor’s home from devil.
7- For Any Kind of Fear: If you are uneasy and feel any kind of fear, recite this verse. It will take off all of your fears and you will feel calm.
8- For Acceptance of Dua: Its recitation after a prayer will become a source of acceptance of your prayer. With this in mind, Make a habit of reciting Ayatul Kursi verse after every prayer.
9- Equal to Quran: And one who recites Ayat ul Kursi 4 times will get the reward of reading one Quran-E-Pak.
10- 70,000 Angels Protect You: Recite this verse while leaving home, And 70,000 Angles will protect you.
11- For Poverty: If someone recite Ayat-al-Kursi on entering home, then poverty won’t enter that home.
12- After Wudu: One who recite this verse after Wudu, it raises him 70 times in Allah’s rank.
13- Source of Heaven: One who recite after obligation Salah and the only thing that is separating you from paradise is Death.
14- Protection from Devil: And one who recite this verse daily will surely enter into heaven. Who recite it daily basis will remain protected from devil and his mischief’s.
15- Saving from Indigent and Poverty: And if anyone who is indigent, recite Ayat ul-Kursi, Within some days his indigence and poverty will go away.
16- For Protection of House: For the protection of house from theft, hang the inscription of Ayatul Kursi at the high place of home. It will also increase and beatitudes the income.
17- For Jinnat: And if any house is affected by jinnat, then to remove the effect of them, recite Ayatul Kursi 4 thousand and 1 hundred time for 40 days, jinnat will leave that place with the beatitude of Ayat ul-Kursi.

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