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Heart Touching Manqabat 2020, USMAN-E-GHANI (R.A), Zubair Qasmi, Islamic Releases

Presenting a heart touching Manqabat, “USMAN-E-GHANI (R.A)” in Urdu language with English Subtitles, which is written by “Saeed Anwar Sahab” and recited by “Mohammad Zubair Qasmi” with his beautiful voice.

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Video Credits:
Artist : Mohammad Zubair Qasmi
Written By : Saeed Anwar Sahab
Audio : Fs Studio
Video Produced & Label : Islamic Releases
English Subtitles : Husnain

Urdu Lyrics:
ہر ادا پر فدا تھے فلک کے مکیں
ہر عمل خوب تر ہر وفا دلنشیں
ہر قدم پر حیا اسکی چومے جبیں
کہ سخا میں بھلا ہاں غنی سا نہیں

ہر طرح سے مبارک بنا ہے غنی
وہ سخا کی نظر میں بسا ہے غنی
ہاں وفا کا سُنو قافلہ ہے غنی
اہلِ ایمان کا حوصلہ ہے غنی

وہ چلا حق پہ بابِ حرم بن گیا
وہ سخا کا جہاں میں علم بن گیا
منزلوں کی طرف وہ قدم بن گیا
شاعروں کا حسیں اک قلم بن گیا

عشقِ آقا میں ڈوبا ہوا تھا غنی
ہر قدم وہ نبی پر فدا تھا غنی
الفتوں کے سفر میں وفا تھا غنی
بس کہوں اور یہ اک ادا تھا غنی

وہ نبی کا رہا ہمسفر ہر قدم
مال و زر سے رہا بے خبر ہر قدم
مصطفی پر فدا اک بشر ہر قدم
کی وفا ہر جگہ ہر نگر ہر قدم

کر گیا جو نبی پر فدا زندگی
اسکے نقشِ قدم روشنی روشنی
اس کی خاطر ہوئی وقف یہ شاعری
اس کی انور کرے گا سدا نوکری

English Lyrics:
By His every deed, The residents of heavens were contented
Every action of Him was best and each devotion was astonishing
Pudency welcomed Him on each step
No one was equal to “Ghani” in giving away

“Ghani” become virtuous by every aspect
“Ghani” lived in the heart of Generosity
“Ghani” is the caravan of devotion
“Ghani” is the moral support to believers

He walks the path of truth and became a gate way
He became a banner of generosity in world
He became a Step towards the destiny
And became a wonderful pen of poets

“Ghani” was soaked in deep affection of PROPHET (S.A.W)
“Ghani” was oblate to PROPHET (S.A.W) all the time
“Ghani” was loyal in hi affections
I would say “Ghani” is a sign for us

He was comrade to PROPHET (S.A.W) in each journey
He was not interested in wealth
He was a human who was devoted to PROPHET (S.A.W)
He was loyal everywhere, at every place and at each step

He sacrificed his life for PROPHET (S.A.W) and Islam
His vestiges are pure light of righteousness
This poetry is dedicated to Him
‘Anwar’ will be forever servant to Him

Copyright Notice:
All rights of the audio and video production is reserved for Islamic Releases. Hence, it’s not permissible to Copying, Re-Recording or Broadcasting without our permission. However, you may share this production in our platform or Social Media Platform.

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