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Emotional Kalaam 2020, Kashmir Ko Hum Bhool Gaye, Hafiz Hassan Anzar, Islamic Releases

Presenting an Emotional Heart Touching Poetry Video “Kashmir Ko Hum Bhool Gaye” with English and Urdu Subtitles, which is written by “Naeemullah Abdul Salam” and recited by “Hafiz Hassan Anzar” with his heart warming voice.

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Video Credits:
Title : Kashmir Ko Hum Bhool Gaye
Vocalist : Hafiz Hassan Anzar
Written By : Naeemullah Abdul Salam
Audio : RWDS
Video Produced & Label : Islamic Releases
English Subtitles: Husnain (R.A.B Writes)

غيرت سے ہم عاری ہوئے کشمیر کوہم بھول گئے
We went bored from Dignity and forgot Kashmir
تقرير تو كرلى بہت تحريرکوهم بهول گئے
We delivered enough speeches but forget about noting them
بکتا گیا میر سفر مٹی کا یاں سودا ہوا
Leaders became corrupt and homeland was sold
 چیخوں کے ہم عادی ہوئے تاثير کوہم بھول گئے
We became addict of shouts and Wails but forget about effects
ايمان كا دعوی کیاقرآن کو ہم چھوڑ چکےُ
We contend faith but we left Quran behind
سنت سے بھی ہم دور ہوئےتقدير كوهم بهول گئے
We let go of Teachings of Prophet and forgot about Destiny
کشمیر کی بیٹی لٹُی ایٹم كا بس چرچا ہوا
Daughters were rapes in Kashmir and we bruit about Atom
رِستا رہا خونِ جگر تدبیر کو ہم بھول گئے
Our Whole body was injured but we forgot about Strategies
گفتار کےغازى بنےکردار سے ہم دور ہوئے
We became veterans of Gossips but went far away from practical
زنجير ميں پھنستے رہےشمشیر کو ہم بھول گئے
We continue to entrap in Chains and forgot about Swords
ہے آرزو اپنی نعیم کشمیرجلد آزاد ہو
It the Wish of “NAEEM” that Kashmir get freedom soon
خواهش ہے یہ دل ميں مگرتفسيرکوهم بهول گئے
It’s a desire but we forgot to fulfill it.

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