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New Naat Sharif 2023 – Mujhko Sarkar Ki Khidmat Main – Hafiz Ahmed Mujtaba – Islamic Releases

Presenting a beautiful heart touching naat 2023 “MUJHKO SARKAR KI KHIDMAT MAIN BULAYA JATA” in Urdu language with English & Urdu Subtitles, which is written by “SAMIULLAH SAQI” and recited by “HAFIZ AHMED MUJTABA” with his beautiful voice.

Video Credits:
Title : Mujhko Sarkar Ki Khidmat Main
Artists : Hafiz Ahmed Mujtaba
Lyrics : Samiullah Saqi
Audio : Fs Studio
Production & Label : Islamic Releases

English & Urdu Lyrics:

مجھ کو سرکارؐ کی خدمت میں بُلایا جاتا
Could I be called in the service of the Master (PBUH)

سامنے ان کے محبت میں بٹھایا جاتا
And placed lovingly in His (PBUH) presence

دیکھتا رہتا میں سرکارؐ کے جلوے ہردم
I would have kept gazing at His (PBUH) charisma

مجھ کو آقاؐ کی سخاوت میں لٹایا جاتا
And be consumed by His (PBUH) generosity

آنکھ کو جب رخِ پر نور کا جلوہ ملتا
When my gaze would befall upon that luminous face

زندگی کو اسی صحبت میں سجایا جاتا
That company alone would adorn my entire life

کرتا دیدار میں روضے کا نظر بھر بھر کے
I would look at the tomb again and again

باغِ جنت میں کہیں مجھ کو بھٹایا جاتا
Were I to be placed in the garden of heaven

دل میں اک آس لیے بیٹھا ہوں اس روضے پہ
I sit at the tomb with a desire in my heart

کاش آقاؐ کے غلاموں میں اٹھایا جاتا
Could I be raised with the slaves of the Master (PBUH)

کاش یہ جان نکل جاتی مدینے میں کہیں
If only my life were to end somewhere in Madinah

پھر مجھے کوچئےِ آقاؐ میں سُلایا جاتا
Would I then be laid to rest in the vicinity of the Master (PBUH)

ہوتی محسوس جو خوشبوئے محمدؐ ساقی
If I could sense the fragrance of Muhammad (PBUH), O Saqi

قلب کو اس کی حلاوت میں چھپایا جاتا
Would I conceal my heart in that sweetness

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