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Emotional Kalaam – Qissa Abul Bashar Ka – Hazrat Adam (A.S) – Hafiz Zaid Aftab – Islamic Releases

Presenting an emotional nasheed “QISSA ABUL BASHAR KA (HAZRAT ADAM A.S)” in Urdu language with English & Urdu Subtitles, which is written by “HAFIZ ZAINULABADEEN ZAINI” and recited by “HAFIZ ZAID AFTAB” with his beautiful voice.
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Video Credits:
Title : Qissa Abul Bashar Ka
Artist : Hafiz Zaid Aftab
Lyrics : Zainulabadeen Zaini
Audio : Fs Studio
Production & Label : Islamic Releases
English & Urdu Lyrics:
آٶ تمھے سناٶں قصہ ابلبشر کا
Come, let me tell you an incident about Abul Bashar
تا حشر ہر کوٸ ہے بیٹا ابلبشر کا
Until the Day of Reckoning, we are all Abul Bashar
سارے ملاٸکا نے سجدہ کیا ہے انکو
All the angels prostrated before him
شیطاں سمجھ نہ پایا رتبہ ابلبشر کا
Only Satan could not understand his status
نام نبی کے صدقہ پاٸ رضا خدا کی
He won the Lord’s favor through his charity
رب کو پسند آیا صدقہ ابلبشر کا
The Lord was pleased with the charity of Abul Bashar
یوسف حسین جس میں موسیٰ کلیم جس میں
Its members include Hussain (RA) and Moosa (AS)
کتنا عظیم تر ہے کمبہ ابلبشر کا
How magnificent is the family of Abul Bashar
افسوس مجھ کو میری اولاد بھول بیٹھی
Alas! My own progeny have forgotten me
ہر ایک بشر سے ہے یہ شکوہ ابلبشر کا
This is the complaint of Abul Bashar against everyone
فھٹکار پڑ رہی ہے ابلیس پر خدا کی
Iblees is receiving the wrath of the Lord
دشمن ہے تا قیامت رسوا ابلبشر کا
He will remain the shamed enemy until the Day of Reckoning

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