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Muharram Special Kalaam 2021, Pyara Hasan (RA), Salahuddin & Hassan Almaroofi, Islamic Releases

Presenting a special nasheed of Muharram 2021 “PYARA HASAN (RA)” in Urdu language with Urdu & English Subtitles, which is written by “MUNEEB KHAN”and recited by “HAFIZ SALAHUDDIN ALMAROOFI & HASSAN ALMAROOFI” with their beautiful voices.

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Video Credits:
Title : Pyara Hasan (RA)
Vocalist: Hafiz Salahuddin Almaroofi & Hassan Almaroofi
Written: Muneeb Khan
Audio: Fs Studio
Production & Label : Islamic Releases

Urdu & English Lyrics:
نواسہ رسول ؐہے
He is the grandson of the Messenger (PBUH)

میرے نبی ؐ کا پھُول ہے
He is the blossom of my Prophet (PBUH)

وہ امن کا اُصول ہے
He is the principle of peace

میرا حسنؓ
My Hasan (RA)

تیرا حسنؓ
Your Hasan (RA)

علی ؓ کو جس پہ ناز ہے
Of whom Ali (RA) was proud

سعادتوں کا راز ہے
He is the secret to great fortune

بڑا ہی پاک باز ہے
And completely incorruptible

علی اور زہراؓ کا پیارا حسن ؓہے
Hasan (RA) is the dear one of Ali (RA) and Zahra (RA)

نبیؐ کی نگاہوں کا تارا حسن ؓہے
Hasan (RA) is the star of the eyes of the Prophet (PBUH)

حسینؓ اُن کے بھائی علی ؓ اُن کے بابا
Hussain (RA) is his brother and Ali (RA) his father

حبیبِ خُدا کا دُلارا حسن ؓہے
Hasan (RA) is the cherished one of the Lord’s favourite

یونہی سجدہ پورا کیا مصطفیؐ نے
And so did Mustafa (PBUH) complete his prostration

نہ کندھوں سے اپنے اتارا حسن ؓہے
And did not take Hasan (RA) off his shoulders

عبادت خدا کی کرے مصطفیؐ سی
He worships the Lord just like Mustafa (PBUH)

نبی سا لگے مجھ کو سارا حسنؓ ہے
In every aspect Hasan (RA) seems just like the Prophet (PBUH)

نیازی جسے خود نبیؐ بولیں سید
He whom the Prophet (PBUH) himself calls Niazi, O Syed

وہ عظمت کا اونچا مِنارہ حسنؓ ہے
Hasan (RA) is that towering pillar of greatness

مِلا نور جس کو حبیبِ خدا سے
He who got his light from the Lord’s favourite

چمکتا ہوا وہ ستارا حسن ؓہے
Hasan (RA) is that luminous, shining star

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