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The Most Beautiful HAMD Nasheed, LA RAIBA FIH, لَارَيْبَ فِيه, Zubair Sakkar Gahi, Islamic Releases

Presenting a most beautiful HAMD Nasheed “LA RAIBA FIH” in Urdu language with Urdu & English Subtitles, which is written by “AKHTAR SHAH” and recited by “MUHAMMAD ZUBAIR SAKKAR GAHI” with his beautiful voice.

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Video Credits:
Title : La Raiba Fih
Artist : Muhammad Zubair Sakkar Gahi
Written By : Akhtar Shah
Audio : RWDS (Rao Wasy)
English Translation : Rubeena M.
Post & Label : Islamic Releases

Urdu & English Lyrics:
مالکِ جن و بشر، کوہ و شجر لاریبَ فیہ
ALLAH is the Lord of Jinn and Humans, mountains and trees, there is no doubt about that.
انت علّام الغیوب المعتبر لاریبَ فیہ
YOU are the knower of the unseen, authoritative, there is no doubt in it.
یعبدونک انجم و شمس وقمر لاریبَ فیہ
The Sun, the Moon and the Stars worship YOU, there is no doubt in it.
تو نگہبانِ فضاءِ بحروبر لاریبَ فیہ
You are the guardian of the Lands and the Oceans, there is no doubt in it.
کیوں جہانِ عقل و دانش تجھ سے اتنا دور ہے
Why is the world of intellect unaware of YOU?
جبکہ تو شہ رگ سےہے نزدیک تر لاریبَ فیہ
While YOU are closer to us than our jugular vein, there is no doubt in it.
چشمِ بینا ہو چکی ہے کورچشمی کا شکار
The wonderful gift of insight is gone.
دیکھ سکتی ہے تجھے کیونکر نظر لاریبَ فیہ
Now there is no way to see YOU; there is no doubt in it.
قصّۂ سرخ وسیاہ و سبزو ابیض عام ہے
The stories of red and black and green and white are common.
تجھ کو رکّھے ہے پسِ لعل و گہر لاریبَ فیہ
YOU are always distracted by greed (gems and diamonds); there is no doubt in it.
عبد کی تخلیق و شیطاں کا وجودِ آتشیں
Creation of Human and creation of Satan from a smokeless fire.
ساتھ ہی رہتے ہیں جو محوِسفر لاریبَ فیہ
Both are travelling alongside each other; there is no doubt in it
آسماں کی وسعتوں میں ایک اخترّ رہ گیا
In the vastness of the Sky, there is only one Star of good luck left.
روشن و منزل نما وقتِ سحر لاریبَ فیہ
It is bright and destination oriented and is at its peak at dawn, there is no doubt in it.

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