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Heart Touching Kalaam – Shan-E-Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A) – Hafiz Zubair Gabool – IslamicReleases ​

Presenting a heart touching kalaam “SHAN-E-ABU BAKAR SIDDIQUE (R.A)” in Urdu language with English & Urdu Subtitles, which is written by “BINT-E-ASLAM” and recited by “HAFIZ ZUBAIR GABOOL” with his beautiful voice.

Video Credits:
Title : Shan E Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A)
Artists : Hafiz Zubair Gabool
Lyrics : Bint-E-Aslam
Production & Label : Islamic Releases

Urdu & English Lyrics:

اصحابِ مصطفیٰﷺ میں اعلیٰ مقام کِس کا
Who has the highest status among the Companions of Mustafa (PBUH)?

بعد از نبیءِ اکرمﷺ اوّل ہے نام کِس کا
Whose name comes first after the Holy Prophet (PBUH)?

کس کے لیے یہ ثَانِیَ اثنَینِ کی صدا ہے
Whose is the title ‘Second of the Two’?

قرآں اٹھا کے دیکھو آیا پیام کِس کا
Look at the Quran, whose message has come?

اصحابِ مصطفیٰﷺ پہ تنقید کرنے والو!
O people, who criticize the Companions of Mustafa (PBUH)

محشر میں دیکھ لوگے ہےاحترام کِس کا
You will see in the Hereafter who is worthy of respect

مکّہ میں غلاموں کو آزاد کرنے والا
He was the one who freed slaves in Makkah

اہلِ فہم سے پوچھو ہوتا تھا کام کِس کا
Ask the learned people who that person was

آقاؐ نے جب پکارا بے خوف ہوکے نکلے
He came out fearlessly when the Master (PBUH) called

ہجرت میں کِس کی خاطر یہ اہتمام کِس کا
Who else could lend such support during the migration?

خُدّامِ صحابہؓ تو پہچان گئے ہوں گے
The servers of the Companions (RA) will recognize

لکھا ہے بنتِ اسلم تُو نے کلام کِس کا
Whose praise Bint-e-Aslam expresses here

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