Thursday , 18 July 2024

Top Rabbi ul Awwal Naat, Ummat Meri Ummat, Syed Jawaid Shah & Hafiz Adeel Shah, Islamic Releases

Presenting a New Rabbi Ul Awwal NAAT “UMMAT MERI UMMAT” in Urdu Language with English Subtitles which is written by “Usman Abbasi” and recited by “Syed Jawaid Shah & Hafiz Adeel Shah” with their beautiful voices.

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Video Credits:
Vocalists : Syed Jawaid Shah & Hafiz Adeel Shah
Written By : Usman Abbasi
Audio : Fs Studio
Eng. Translation : Rubeena M.
Video Produced & Label : Islamic Releases

Urdu Lyrics:
امّت پہ بڑا رب کا
احسان نظر آیا
آقاﷺ تری رحمت کا
فیضان نظر آیا

چہرہ ہے ضُحٰی تیرا
واللّیل کی زلفیں ہیں

قرآں تِری صورت کا
عنوان نظر آیا

دو ٹکڑے قمر دیکھا
مٹھی میں حَجَر بولا

ہر معجزہ سے اعلی
قرآن نظر آیا

اُمّت مِری اُمّت کی
لب پر جو صدایٔیں تھی

مجھ کو مِری بخشش کا
سامان نظر آیا

شیطاں کے پجاری تھے
عثمان سبھی انسان

آقاﷺ ترے آنے سے
رحمان نظر آیا

English Lyrics:
The great grace of the Lord was seen on the Ummah.
The bounty of mercy was seen.

Your face is Duha, the hairs are Wal Lail.
The Quran announces your beauty.

Two pieces of the moon were seen,
the stone spoke in the fist.
Above every miracle, the Qur’an appeared.

In the voice of “Ummah My Ummah”
I found gliding tides of my forgiveness.

All human beings were priests of Satan.
When you came, we found REHMAN (God).

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