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Emotional Kalaam, Azeem Leader ALLAMA ADIL (RH), Muhammad Zubair Qasmi, Islamic Releases

Presenting an Emotional Kalaam “AZEED LEADER ALLAMA ADIL (SHAHEED” in Urdu language with English & Urdu Subtitles, which is recited & written by “Muhammd Zubair Qasmi” and with his magical voice.

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Video Credits:
Title : Azeem Leader Allama Adil
Vocals &
Lyrics : Muhammad Zubair Qasmi
Audio : Fs Studio
Eng. Translation : Rubeena M.
Video Produced & Label : Islamic Releases

Urdu Lyrics:
عظیم قائد
عظیم لیڈر
علامہ عادل شہید ہو گئے
صحابہ کا درد دل میں لے کر
وہ آج انسے قریب ہو گئے
نہ جائے گا رائیگاں لہو یہ عظیم ہستی کا خون ہے یہ
وفا صحابہ سے کر گئے ہیں وہ اک سحر کی نوید ہو گئے
ہٹا کے رستے سے انکو ظالم نہ ہو ارے خوش یہی تو حق ہے
لٹا کے جاں حرمتِ صحابہ یہ راہ حق کی امید ہو گئے
لبریز پیمانے ہو گئےاب ہم اور آگے بڑھیں گے سن لو
یوں دیکھ کر ظلم حد سے آگے ہم اور آگے مزید ہو گئے

English Lyrics:
The great leader
Allama Adil was martyred.
Keeping the pain of the Companions in his heart,
today he became closer to them.
The blood of this great person will not go in vain.
He fulfilled his duty towards the Companions, he heralded a new dawn.
The oppressors should not be happy to remove them from his path; infact its the truth
By sacrificing his life for sanctity of the Companions, he became the hope of the path of truth.
Listen, now that our scales are full, we will move forward.
Seeing this, oppression went beyond limits, we went further and further.

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