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New Ramadan Nasheed 2020, Mubarak! Muqaddas Mahine Salaam, Hafiz Abdur Razzaq, Islamic Releases

Presenting a Ramadan Nasheed “Mubarak Muqaddas Mahine Salaam” in Urdu Language with English and Urdu Subtitles, which is written by “Shehzad Qais” and recited by “Hafiz Abdur Razzaq” with his beautiful voice.

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Video Credits:
Title : Muqaddas Mahine Salaam
Vocalist : Hafiz Abdur Razzaq
Written By : Shehzad Qais
Audio : Fs Studio
Video Produced & Label : Islamic Releases
English Subtitles : Husnain

Urdu Lyrics:
محبت کے دِلکش نگینے سلام

مبارَک ، مقدس مہینے سلام

 اے قرآن آوَر ، اے وِجدان گر

اے بخشش کے روشن خزینے سلام

 اَذانوں کی ٹھنڈک ، نمازوں کی خوشبو

بہت رُوح پرور قرینے سلام

 نگاہوں میں توبہ کی رِم جھم کے پھول

تلاوَت سے پُر نُور سینے سلام

 عجب رُوح کا منّ و سلویٰ ہے تُو

کرم ہی کرم کے سفینے سلام

 سکھاتا ہے غلبہ ہمیں نفس پر

ترقی کے پُر نُور زینے سلام

 منا لے جو رَب قیسؔ رَمضان میں

کہیں اُس کو گیارہ مہینے سلام

English Lyrics:
Welcome jewel of love

Welcome, honoured and sacred month.

You brought Quran and intuitions

Welcome, the bright treasure of forgiveness

The calmness of Call to prayers and fragrance of prayers

Welcome, the soul tender

The flowers of forgiveness in eyes

Peace for the hearts filled with recitation

You are a decent meal for soul

You have only blessings so, welcome

It taught us to control desires

Welcome, the enlightened staircase of prosperity

Whom ever got forgiveness from Allah in Ramadhan

Remaining eleven Months will praise him

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