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Heart Touching Naat 2020, Madina Sabse Aala Hai, Hafiz Mohammad Huzail Kasmani, Islamic Releases

Presenting a heart touching Naat-e-Rasool (S.A.W) “Madina Sabse Aala Hai” with English Subtitle, which is written by “Samiullah Abbasi” and recited by “Hafiz Mohammad Huzail Kasmani” with his magical and attractive voice۔

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Video Credits:
Title : Madina Sabse Aala Hai
Vocalist : Hafiz Mohammad Huzail Kasmani
Written By : Samiullah Abbasi
Audio : FS Studio
Video Produced & Label : Islamic Releases
English Subtitles: Husnain (R.A.B Writes)

Urdu Lyrics:
سبھی شہروں میں بالاہے مدینہ سب سے اعلی ہے
نظر کیسے نہ ٹھہرے گی جہاں پر کملی والا ہے
قطاریں در قطاریں ہیں وہاں رضوان کی ہر سو
بہاریں ہی بہاریں ہیں وہاں موسم نرالا ہے
وہاں جاتے ہیں کِھنچ کِھنچ کر زمانے بھر سے پروانے
جہاں سے پھوٹتا ہر سمت رحمت کا اجالا ہے
نہیں حاجت چراغوں کی, نہیں مطلوب قندیلیں
وہاں کی رات ایسی ہے, ضیا کا جس پہ ہالہ ہے

English Lyrics:
Madina is Superior from all Cities
Why it should not Caught Eye, our Prophet is there
There are blessings everywhere
There is only spring season there
People are attracted from everywhere
Where the light of blessings are sprouted
We neither need Lamp nor Light
The Night of Madina have Halo of Light
It’s the desire of “Sarim” to visit Madina
I am writing consistently since i started holding a Pen

Copyright Notice:
All rights of the audio and video production is reserved for Islamic Releases. Hence, it’s not permissible to Copying, Re-Recording or Broadcasting without our permission. However, you may share this production in our platform of Social Media Platform.

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