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Heart Touching Eid Nasheed 2022 – Eid ul Fitr Hai Ayi – عید کلام, Hafiz Ghufran, Islamic Releases

Presenting a beautiful Nasheed/Nazam on this EID 2022 “EID UL FITR HAI AYI” in Urdu language with Urdu & English Subtitles, which is written by “HASSAN FANI” and recited by “HAFIZ GHUFRAN” with his beautiful voice.
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Video Credits:
Title : Eid Ul Fitr Hai Ayi
Vocalist: Hafiz Ghufran
Lyrics : Hassan Fani
Audio : Fs Studio
Production & Label : Islamic Releases

Urdu & English Lyrics:
مسلمانوں‌کی‌بَستی ‌پر‌بَہار‌فَصل‌ِ گُل‌ چھائی
A spring of flowers has spread over the lands of the Muslims
مبارک‌ ہو مبارک ہو کہ عِیدُ الفطر ہے آئی
Congratulations! Congratulations! Eid Ul Fitr is here
دیا‌ تُحفہ‌ہے‌ رب‌نے‌ اَپنے‌بندوں‌ کو‌عبادت‌کا
The Lord has given the reward for worship to His followers
بَشر‌کی‌ ہے رَیاضت‌کا‌ بشر‌ کی‌ اِستقامت‌کا‌
For those living with discipline, for those walking the straight path
نظر‌ آتا‌ہے‌ رَقص‌ کرتا‌ جہاں‌ اپنی‌ محبت‌کا
The universe appears to dance out of love
خدا‌کی‌ طرف‌سے‌ تَہوار‌ ہے‌ یہ‌ اِجتماعت‌کا
This is a festival for everyone from the Lord
خدا‌کی‌اُلفت‌ورَحمت‌ کا‌عالم‌بھی‌ہے شیدائی
The universe is enamored by the Lord’s love and mercy
نجاست دور‌کر‌دینا‌ دِلوں‌سے‌ نَفرتوں‌کی‌تم‌
Wipe off the dirt of hatred from your hearts
گَلے‌ لگنا‌ عَدُو‌ کے معاف‌ کرنا ہر سِتم کوتم
Forgive every transgression of the envier and embrace him
Every home resonates with joyous gatherings and unions
مَہکتی‌شاخ‌کی‌صُورت‌ مہکتے‌بَزم‌ ہیں‌ہمدم
Every company emits sweet fragrance like a fragrant branch
خدا‌ کا‌ شکر‌ ہے‌ ہم‌ پر‌، نوازی ہم‌ کو رعنائی‌
Thanks be to the Lord for blessing us with this luminous occasion
میرے‌بچوں‌سُنو‌تُم‌کو‌ سناؤں‌ ایک‌ میں‌ قصہ‌
Come children, let me tell you about an incident
نبی‌ﷺمحترم‌ کو‌ عید‌ کے‌ دن‌ ایک‌ ملا‌ بچہ
The Holy Prophet (PBUH) found a child on the day of Eid
مناؤں‌ عید‌میں‌کیسے‌ نہیں‌ ماں‌باپ‌ کا‌سایہ‌
‘How can I celebrate Eid as I have no parents’
تڑپ‌کر‌یہ‌کہا‌ اس‌سے‌ میں‌تیرا‌باپ‌ماں‌عائشہؓ
The Prophet (PBUH) was anguished and said to him, ‘I am your father and Aisha (RA) your mother’s
یتیموں‌، مفلسو‌ں‌ کو‌تھام‌لو‌ بن‌کر‌مسیحائی‌
Support the orphans and helpless ones and become their saviour
خُدارا اس‌طرح‌سے سب‌مُسلماں‌ ایک‌ہو‌جاؤ
For the Lord’s sake, come together, O Muslims!
فلسطینی‌ہو‌، کشمیری‌ہو، اَفغاں‌ ایک‌ہوجاؤ
Palestinian, Kashmiri, or Afghan, become one
There is joy and mirth in the garden when all the flowers are together
بَہاروں‌ کا‌ سَما‌ں‌ ہے‌ سب‌ بَیاباں‌‌ ایک‌ہوجاؤ
Spring is here, let’s invite the wilderness too
خدا‌کے‌حکم‌ سے‌فانی‌ؔ جہاں‌نے‌لی‌ہے‌انگڑائی
Fani, with the command of the Lord, the universe has taken a turn

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